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The Excel function: TEXT


The TEXT function converts a numeric value to text and lets you specify the display formatting by using special format strings. This function is useful in situations where you want to display numbers in a more readable format, or you want to combine numbers with text or symbols. For example, suppose cell A1 contains the number 23.5. To format the number as a dollar amount, you can use the following formula:


In this example, Excel displays $23.50.

You can also format numbers by using the commands in the Number group on the Home tab of the Ribbon. However, these commands work only if the entire cell is numeric. If you want to format a number and combine it with other text, the TEXT function is the best option. For example, you can add text to the preceding formula:

=TEXT(A1,"$0.00") & " per hour"

Excel displays $23.50 per hour.