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The Excel function: DATE


The DATE function returns the sequential serial number that represents a particular date. For example, the formula


returns 39637, the serial number that represents 7/8/2008.

 Note   If the cell format was General before the function was entered, the result is formatted as a date instead of a number. If you want to view the serial number, or if you want to change the formatting of the date, select a different number format in the Number group of the Home tab.

The DATE function is most useful in situations where the year, month, and day are supplied by formulas or cell references. For example, you might have a worksheet that contains dates in a format that Excel does not recognize, such as YYYYMMDD. You can use the DATE function in conjunction with other functions to convert the dates to a serial number that Excel recognizes. See the link to the embedded workbook in the Example section of this article for more information.